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Next Generation Hokushin Cancer Pro incorporates an e-laning system as a distance learning system in the Hokushin region and provides distinctive teaching materials. In addition, hybrid-style seminars incorporating face-to-face and online sessions are held on a regular basis, providing an educational environment that facilitates learning regardless of location for majors from the six universities and partner base hospitals, teachers and other professions such as healthcare professionals.

Course Flow

  • STEP 01

    Course Selection

    Please select the course of your choice

    Click here for graduate students

    Regular Graduate Course

    Click here for non-graduate students

    Intensive Course

  • STEP 02

    Course Registration

    Please click here to apply for Next Generation Hokushin Cancer Pro courses.

  • STEP 03

    Select Seminars and Courses

    One credit is granted for each lecture(E-learning) and seminar.

  • STEP 04


    If you wish to receive credit for participating in the seminar, please submit an application for credit.(Kanazawa University course students Only)

  • STEP 05

  • STEP 06

    Submission of Report

    After attending a seminar, please submit a participation report. Please also fill out the questionnaire.

  • STEP 07

    Submit application form

    If you have completed a regular graduate course and wish to receive a certificate, please submit an application for certification.

  • STEP 08

    Receipt of Credits and Certificate